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What do you get when you cross a self proclaimed philosopher, an ADHD sufferer, a millennial with 3rd world experience, and a guy that likes to keep everything on the surface?

The No Nonsense Show
10% Less BS Than Any Other Podcast Guaranteed

Oct 17, 2017

Episode #330

The Smooth gene is all over this show. Jaye Smooth brings his real life cousin in to the show and he begins our show telling us that he has lied to get sex. But his lie was in perfect Smooth fashion. The girl told him that she had been molested. So, of course, Yancey told her that he had been molested...

Oct 16, 2017

Kit messed up and gave me permission to have sex with women at Mocha Fest as long as I use protection. Then she tried to recant her statement. But we have to talk about it before I would let it go. She wants to really know how many women I have had unprotected sex with. 1, 2, ... Like...

Oct 13, 2017


Episode #329

We can’t get through the intro without a little Smooth Slander. Well not slander. We are actually concerned that his testosterone injections may be dangerous to his health. Is Smooth in a full out identity crisis without the aid of his go-to attribute?

Jamie Mack is not ready for the Tech Revolt. He...

Oct 12, 2017

The Millennial Mind

French Reggy takes the time to unpack relationships. His guest tells him that women want a man that has thuggish ways. He immediately wants to know that he has a little in him. But then realizes how against being a thug he is. He will never be Clyde to her Bonnie. Can you be a nice guy in the...

Oct 11, 2017

Pillow Talk

Me and the wife have been too busy for grown up time recently. With the new shows the network as introduced and her working with the private practice, we haven't found much time for each other. Combine that with my inability to be sexual around a dog and you have the recipe for libido-less interactions. We...